Bass Fishing Boats

The majority of fishermen select their bass fishing boats in order to move in and around lakes or streams rapidly to reach where the fish are located, however there are many things to consider. When anyone purchases a bass boat at retail store you can expect to pay top dollar, and yet anyone can easily discover excellent used bass fishing boats for 50 percent the retail price or even less. Stratos a leading bass boat manufacturer, for example, has been creating popular bass fishing boats for years and many new and used models Stratos bass boat models are readily available. The great point in regard to used bass fishing boats is that they are generally pretty strong and consequently there are not really a lot of items that can break. A small bass boat or a mini bass boat might be a better choice for those on a budget. Bass boat accessories such as fishing rods, fishing lures, boat carpet, bass boat covers must be carefully considered in order to outfit your bass boat for the best experience possible. Finally bass boat insurance must be carefully selected based upon the depth of coverage, price of the boat, and type of coverage you need.

Stratos Bass Boat

Earl Bentz, the founder of Stratos Boats, opened the company September, 1983 in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Earl grew up in boating, cutting his teeth working for his uncle at his boating business in South Carolina as an assembly and servicing man. He also assisted in the pits at the boat races his uncle ran. Earl also got caught up in boat racing himself at this time. Tragically Earl broke his back at Lake Eufaula while racing. Once he recovered, he was asked to unite with Mercury Racing in 1973 and worked with them for eight years. [MORE]

Used Bass Boats

Now the very first point to think about is exactly why to purchase a bass fishing boat at all. Anglers almost always start fishing from the shore, and everyone knows how annoying it is not to be able to reach the fish. Let’s face it, the fish move from location to location all day and you have to be able to move around and find them. [MORE]

Small Bass Boat

A small bass boat will most likely end up being the perfectly inexpensive choice to be able to go fishing, however there are also a number of accessories which every single small fishing boat should possess. Including the many possible options, there are three main things that anyone considering a small bass boat purchase must consider. [MORE]

Bass Boat Accessories

Once you have your boat picked out, it’s time to decide on how to outfit it with accessories such as rods, reels, seat covers and carpet. Generally there are numerous popular varieties when it comes to fishing boat accessories and parts. Not only do boat accessories improve the actual experience associated with boating, they’ve got the actual capacity for increasing general safety of the passengers and increasing a person’s pleasure when making use of the particular fishing boat. [MORE]

Mini Bass Boats

Right now there a variety of mini bass boats available in the market, such as small-plastic two person fishing boats which could be outfitted with virtually any simple electric motor, to inflatable one man pontoon boats which are usually powered by a set of oars. In this article we will summarize a couple of highly effective and beneficial mini fishing boat choices. [MORE]

Bass Boat Insurance


Whether it’s for a weekend angler or a pro fisherman there’s a choice of dedicated bass boat insurance plans to protect the vessel as well as the fishing gear. For a program that’s tailored specifically to the fishing and boating enthusiast it’s often a necessity to use one of the dedicated insurance providers. And, these policies can also be extended to include coverage for fishing guide services, if required. [MORE]

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